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Protecting District Networks
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The Enhanced Cybersecurity Service is offered by WNYRIC to districts to help protect their network security. This service deals mainly with hardware and software issues that can put districts at risk. This is done through technical controls, securing information and protecting assets (servers and computers) from malware, ransomware and other threats.

The WNYRIC works with district staff, often the Technology Coordinator, to identify threats and vulnerability within a districts network and devices and then tailors a customized network security plan. WNYRIC implements a variety of security tools for the district, customizing them based on the districts needs. WNYRIC staff monitor and report on the performance of the tools and alert the districts to any vulnerabilities or dangers detected.

“One of the best things about the service is that the end point (computer) protection that the service provides has a much higher degree of protection than a traditional anti-virus software would give you,” said Will Westoven of WNYRIC.

The service uses industry standard best practices and goes beyond mandated compliance of CIPA and FERPA to ensure the best security for districts.

In addition to the important security protections put in place, the service also can help districts with implementing web filters, prioritizing certain applications for bandwidth purposes, and providing secure remote access for offsite employees.

For more information about the service, please contact Will Westoven at or (716) 821-7475.


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