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Attitude Changes Everything
sam glenn paints as teachers watch

Sam Glenn painting the eagleSam Glenn, an author and artist, met with more than 450 instructional services staff members from Erie 1 BOCES to share his message about "attitude changes everything." In addition to many comical tales to demonstrate attitude awareness, he created a painting of an eagle during his presentation. To ensure the message lives on, the painting will be rotated through Erie 1 BOCES’ various locations over the course of the year.

“Sam shared many funny stories, which left our cheeks hurting from laughing so much,” said Kristen Marchiole, senior supervisor in the Exceptional Education division.

The speaker suggested that participants "check up from the neck up" each day to be more aware of their own attitudes and feelings. He noted that negative attitudes can be draining and that we want every message sent to students to serve them well.  To help, he offered three easy steps to a creating a more positive attitude:
        1. Use humor
        2. Connect to what makes you "soar," and always be "coachable"
        3. Put your attitude into action every day.

"This was the best Opening Day that we have had in 24 years…" said Donna Walters, math teacher in the Alternative Education division.

The guest speaker impressed Jonnie O’Connor, a health careers instructor with Career & Technical Education, who also appreciated the message. "Sam was wonderful."

(Photos provided by Joe Mattimore, digital media teacher in CTE.)
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